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1) To build renewable energy power plants on an EPC basis under the Conceptual Design to Completion of Commissioning concept plus the Operation and Maintenance service contract. Based on the location and fuel type of the customers, the optimization is done through combining the proven technology and design from Europe with the highly cost-effective manufacturing process and installation workmanship with highly experienced local contractors.

2) To construct, install, and maintain oil, gas, and water pipeline systems while equipped with the innovation, capabilities and resources to meet any demand on-time and on-budget. Our experienced technical staff is capable of safely completing any project while upholding high quality and environmental standards and minimizing impact to land owners and surrounding community, as well as providing long-term reliability and safety with international standards.



Provide the Total Solution for Renewable Energy

  1. Conceptual and preliminary design with 3D modeling.
  2. Basic design of total plant including issuing the TOR of BTG and balance of plant.
  3. Project investment estimation.
  4. Plant design, PFD, PID, HMBD and layouts.
  5. Detail design of fuel handling, piping, rotating machine, electrification and automation including the installation detail.
  6. Procurement support and cost control, workshop and manufacturing quality control.
  7. Scheduling management including supervision of deliveries, expedition, open case control and quality and quantities surveying also receiving procedure.
  8. Shop drawing and as-built drawing issuance.
  9. Project closing report and cost allocation report.

Provide the construction management for Renewable Energy

  1. Health and safety management.
  2. Erection management, supervision and quality control of installation of boiler, turbine, generator and the balance of plant.
  3. Electrification supervision, HV and LV electrical equipment and system.
  4. Automation and instrumentation supervision, field instrument calibration and testing.
  5. Time schedule and progress reporting.
  6. Planning and coordination of start-up activities.
  7. Hand over and taking over procedure.



Provide the Operation and Maintenance services for Renewable Energy

  1. Fully skilled operation and maintenance team to operate, maintain and manage the power plant to generate and dispatch electricity.
  2. Commissioning management, pre operation including training.
  3. Production management including production planning, shutdown planning, standard operation procedure and contingency operation procedure.
  4. Operation and maintenance budgeting.
  5. Preparing the capital investment and effective plant improvement plan.
  6. Refreshment training and simulator training.
  7. Performance testing - Waste management.
  8. Risk and insurance management.


    • Provide the Total Solution for Pipeline Systems
    • Provide the construction management for Pipeline Systems
    • Provide the Operation and Maintenance services for Pipeline Systems